Goku may have defeated Piccolo, but his fallen friends will linger in agonizing limbo for eternity unless he can find his missing power pole and use it to reach Kami - the only man who can resurrect his comrades. Redux – Awaken in the Present, Trunks. Or Is It Champa? But when he arrives, can present Trunks handle seeing his future self?! (Dub) An Extra-Dimensional Ultimate Battle! Bulma's birthday bash has begun! Vegeta's Fierce Battle Commences!! Will challenging an apprentice Supreme Kai really help with the investigation? The ever-popular Dragon Ball franchise has entered a renaissance in the past few years. Hulu streams Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball GT, but they are only available in the original Japanese with English subtitles. But can he defeat the copy and save the original before he vanishes? Goku!! Let the battle begin! With so many competitors on one stage, teamwork is in short supply. An Off-the-Wall Battle Spells the End of the Earth? Krillin and Junior mix it up in a high-flying battle the audience won't soon forget, and Yamcha suffers a blow to his manhood when he underestimates the bumbling fighter known as Hero. They only have Season 1 of DBZ and some of the Buu Saga (Starting just … The Captain Is Someone Stronger Than Goku. The element of surprise dominates the tournament's opening round as Goku wins with brains instead of brawn, a formidable female fighter wows the crowd, and a mechanized mercenary deals Chiaotzu a deadly blow! Summoning Shenron, they learn what the Super Saiyan God is. The Evil Containment Wave takes center stage when the two most mysterious fighters in the tournament meet in a ferocious semifinal match that quickly escalates to all-out warfare. But at what cost? Meanwhile, Beerus and Whis make their way to Earth but run into allies of their own. Stream thousands of shows and movies, with plans starting at. With no energy signatures to hint at their power levels, the 9th Universe's warriors could be much more powerful than they seem. (Dub) Awaken Your Dormant Fighting Spirit! ‘Dragon Ball Z’ might not be on the platform, but you can check out ‘Dragon Ball‘, which is the prequel to what happens in ‘Dragon Ball Z’. As Vegeta begins to disappear, Goku faces the duplicate Vegeta! Zeno agrees on one condition: the 9th Universe must win the exhibition match. Vegeta goes up against the last member of the 6th Universe, the assassin Hit! Whose Strength Reaches the Wild Blue Yonder? Krillin's Fighting Spirit Rebounds! (Dub) Surpass Even a God! Gohan's precious daughter is born, and Chichi refuses to let her become a martial artist. The Ferocity of a Stealth Attack! But a generous gift may change that. Will Goku make it in time? With disqualification on the table, time is running out! (Dub) Body, Soul and Power Unleashed! (Dub) A Challenge from Champa! Poll Dragon Ball Super is on Hulu. A Heart-Pounding Birthday Party. Going off alone could mean the elimination of some powerful warriors! Vegeta Takes a Family Trip?! Now that gods are involved, Zamasu's treachery isn't a mortal matter anymore. And that hero is...Mr. IPhone (0) (Dub) Bergamo the Crusher vs. Goku! A Last Chance from Lord Beerus?! He does the only thing he can—ensure Beerus has a good time at the party! Piccolo tries to retrain Gohan. (Dub) Show Them! Stronger than ever, Vegeta proves to be a challenge and an enraged Frieza destroys the planet! Impressed by Goku's courage, Kami makes a shocking appearance! Wiki Points. 1 year 3% • 1 month ago. But when a second Pride Trooper intervenes on his teammate's behalf, Goku arrives to tip the scales. It’s all on Hulu. Accelerating Tragedy - Vanishing Universes: On the verge of annihilation and with only a few warriors left, the 2nd and 6th Universes are reinvigorated. The Vengeful Golden Frieza. The battle between gods continues to rage on, but their powers are starting to affect the universe. No hidden fees, equipment rentals, or installation appointments. Stay current with additional news, entertainment, and lifestyle programming from American Heroes Channel, CNBC World, Cooking Channel, Crime + Investigation, Destination America, Discovery Family, Discovery Life, DIY Network, Military History Channel, and Science. Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions. (Dub) Survive! But nothing ever remains calm, as aliens arrive on Earth to thank and challenge the hero who fought Beerus. And Goku Goes on a Training Journey?! It does show on the XBOX One Hulu App. The Ultimate Survival Battle! As the tournament nears its end, it's time for the combatants to push themselves above and beyond! As Goku rests, Vegeta takes it upon himself to challenge Jiren one on one! After a comparison of culinary delights, Champa challenges Beerus to a universe-versus-universe tournament. Zamasu and Black merge into an immortal being with limitless power. Meanwhile, Goku gathers the Dragon Balls to revive King Kai. Luckily, Bulma manages to talk some sense into her but also reveals where Vegeta has been training, leaving Goku desperate to find a way to join them. The Miraculous Power of Unyielding Warriors. Everyone gathers, and the mysterious fighter Monaka is finally revealed. (Dub) Showdown on King Kai's World! (Dub) A Developed "Time Skip" Counterstrike?! It’s all on Hulu. The true battle begins! Whose Wish Will be Granted? Monaka vs. Goku! Goku arrives on Beerus' planet to start training only to find that Vegeta is doing more housework than training! The 3rd Universe's strategy has worked well thus far, but how will it fare against Gohan, Goku, and Vegeta?! Vegeta and Goku ask the Supreme Kais for help. Dragon Ball Super ... Dragon Ball Super. Gaining the upper hand, Goku gives Frieza a chance to leave Earth for good. Goku and Android 17's Joint Struggle!! This thread is archived. Without any way to get a hold of Goku or Vegeta, only Gohan and the remaining Z fighters are ready to face Frieza. Yamcha, Krillin, Goku, and Tien battle their way to the semifinals, where Master Roshi is confronted by a malevolent martial artist from his past. (Dub) Which Universe Will Survive!? The 7th Universe is desperate for a tenth member, so Goku seeks out Frieza as a potential candidate. But when Vegeta interjects, suddenly the playing field seems a lot more level! (Dub) The Power of Love Explodes?! Tricked by the spectral Dr. Mashirito, she has an incredible urge to play and won't let Saiyans get in her way! Now, you can catch up on the original Dragon Ball series if you have an account with Hulu. Are they ready for the ultimate tournament? (Dub) Field the All-7th-Universe Team! (Photo: Hulu) Disney-owned Hulu is brought back their wildly popular $1.99 per-month streaming deal for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020 - dropping the price of the Hulu ad-supported … While the Ox-King struggles to escape the mysterious flames threatening to consume his kingdom, Goku and Chichi journey to a treacherous mountain peak protected by a bone-chilling curse! An Assassination That Must Be Executed. With barely enough time to stop the dark entity that's after him, Trunks travels back to the past. Humanity's fate hangs in the balance as Goku and Piccolo battle for the title of world's greatest martial artist! Meanwhile, Goten, about to become a brother-in-law to Videl, sets out on a journey with Trunks to find her a present. First round of the exhibition match is Basil versus Buu! But two questions remain: why does Black have a time ring? Hulu is one of the finest platforms to be a part of since they cater to all kinds of tastes. Or, well he tries to. Find the Super Saiyan God! Cloud DVR storage space is limited. Now it's time for Goku, Vegeta, and Future Trunks to see for themselves—and Bulma is going, too! But transforming into one requires more Saiyans than they have on board—until Videl reveals a surprise! But when Whis reveals he's actually the god's teacher, the stubborn Saiyan prince is willing to beg to become his student. The Pride Troopers!! Frost continues to be a challenge, and right when Piccolo is beaten, Jaco makes a discovery—Frost hasn't been fighting fair! Verified Purchase. Even though his injuries heal, can he handle the true strength of Beerus' power? The Lose-and-Perish "Tournament of Power". The move has gone unnoticed but Hulu recently acquired the rights to the original Dragon Ball anime. Goku starts having trouble controlling his body and energy! Meanwhile, Yamcha, Tien, Krillin, and Chiaotzu journey to Korin Tower with hopes of training under the Master. (Dub) Will He Strike Back? But Gohan will have to draw from past experiences if he wants to reach his full potential. 0. Then, Goku reverts back to a Super Saiyan! Together, they set out to find the seven magic Dragon Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever. After defeating Majin Buu, life is peaceful … The two fighters quickly gain power in this Saiyan vs. Saiyan blitz! Frieza vs. Goku - This Is The Result of My Training! Skip Navigation. Is there any hope left for a victory? Giving Earth a second chance, Beerus challenges Oolong to rock-paper-scissors. This Time, a Baseball Game! And finally, it's time to make a wish on the Super Dragon Balls, that is, if they can find the last one. Is Dragon Ball Z on Amazon Prime? I don't really wanna have to have ANOTHER payed subscription just for dragon ball... … Mr. Popo proves stronger than Goku ever could have imagined, but the little warrior won't give up until his friends are resurrected. Goku and Vegeta must find two more members for the tournament—but who will be worthy to face the 6th Universe alongside Goku and Vegeta? (Dub) Gohan's Plight! (Dub) Protect the Supreme Kai Gowasu – Destroy Zamasu! (Dub) A Full-Throttle Battle! 0. (Dub) The Time Has Come! Hero unveils his true strength - and hints at his true identity - when Yamcha desperately conjures a powerful attack. ... Hulu Plus (0) Vudu (0) Google Play (0) CBS All Access (0) FILTER BY DEVICE. Repairs on the time machine continue, so Future Trunks goes to visit an old friend. Dragon Ball Super's English dub is now streaming on Hulu! Will attempts on Frieza's new life delay their return to the group?! It’s all on Hulu. (Dub) Uncover Black's Identity! Find Out Where the Super Dragon Balls Are! While they are both listed, Dragon Ball Z Kai only lists seasons 1 and 5 *and* it only has 5-8 episodes of those two seasons... Dragon Ball Super only lists episodes 78 to 88. Krillin must prove himself to both Gohan and Goku if he wants to enter the Tournament of Power. Once on the "Planet With No Name," they size up their competition which includes...another Saiyan?! Universe 4 has it out for Master Roshi! dragon ball is owned by funimation, they have a website with all their dubs at https://www.funimation.com/, cheaper sub than hulu too. Merged Zamasu's ashes rises a universe encompassing darkness. (Dub) Gohan, Get Ruthless! (Dub) Showdown! No hidden fees. But with a single hit, Vegeta knocks Frost completely out of the ring for the win. The little man believes he's on the lookout for a fearsome fighter, but could a peaceful afternoon with a master fisherman be the next step in his training? Goku squares off against a beautiful brawler who fights with the fury of a woman scorned! Watch Dragon Ball Online: Watch full length episodes, video clips, highlights and more. (Dub) Goku the Talent Scout - Recruit Krillin and Android 18. The 3rd Universe activates its secret final weapon! Here, they protect an old man and get caught in a fight over...water?! The Indomitable Great Saiyaman! They might not be able to win, but Future Trunks can at least defend the others while they escape! Until We Meet Again! Frustrated, Vegeta pushes him to give it his all and face Frieza in his ultimate form! Krillin and his friends have been training hard, and they refuse to let the volcano beat them! Zamasu's mind is wandering down a dark path. Failure to Reach Ten Members!! (Dub) Despair Redux! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot … Goku, Vegeta, and Bulma hurry back to save him, but upon arrival, the time machine is damaged! I don't have crunchy roll subscription but I tried looking and it doesn't show … They only have Season 1 of DBZ and some of the Buu Saga (Starting just before it with Saiyaman and going up to where Goku and Vegeta are searching for the others inside of Super Buu) but nothing in between. The streaming site has been a go-to … The universes finally gather in the World of the Void for the Tournament of Power! In the aftermath of the monster's onslaught, Goku's friends are elated to find their hero still standing, but how much longer can he continue? (Dub) Goku Must Pay: The Warrior of Justice Top Barges In! Who Are the Last Two Members?! Training Commences on Beerus' World! Goku faces off against Beerus in a hard-hitting battle despite King Kai's best efforts to keep them separate. Goku and Kefla's battle comes to a head! Here Comes Goku's New Move! Vegeta gives up nothing! Goku is having trouble facing Golden Frieza until he realizes the other is quickly losing stamina. As both a Netflix and Hulu subscriber: To be fair Hulu only has about half of season 1 of Dragon Ball dubbed, the rest are all subs. (Dub) With Great Joy! An uninvited guest appears at Bulma's party! (Dub) I'm Here, Too! (Dub) A Chance Appears in a Tight Spot! Next, he's up against the 6th Universe's very own Frieza-like warrior—Frost! (Dub) Where Does the Dream Pick Up?! Goku finds himself facing most of Universe 9's warriors by himself. But when he threatens Bulma, will Vegeta finally make his move? (Dub) A Chaotic Victory Party! Goku meets with Fortuneteller Baba to resurrect Frieza. Gohan! (Dub) Goku Dies! Overwhelmed and on the verge of defeat, Jiren's resolve is reignited. However, times have changed, and the reunion isn't quite what he expected. (Dub) Come Forth, Divine Dragon! (Dub) Into the Future Again – Goku Black's True Identity Revealed! (Dub) A State of Emergency! Gohan's Last Stand! Bobbyj0e1234. This begs the question, is Dragon Ball … With each blow they exchange, the universe crumbles around them. Goku is convinced someone is trying to kill him, and he's ready to fight for his life. (Dub) To the Noble, Proud End! Goku has the power to end Junior's ruthless reign of terror, but he cannot destroy the monster without sacrificing Kami! He's on a mission to don the legendary Sacred Crown, but one false step could lead to a fate more painful than death! His Name Is Champa! Although Dragon Ball Super 's anime is showing no signs of coming back just yet (especially with the … I believe the first time around I just watched dragon ball z normal, mostly on tv. But can they hope to defeat an opponent who brushes off even the strongest attacks? Goku tries to find Android 17. What could Frieza possibly be planning? Can Krillin find the courage to defeat them, or is history destined to repeat itself? Launch a Counteroffensive, Goku! TV14 • Adventure, Fantasy • TV Series (2009), TV14 • Fantasy, Animation • TV Series (1996), TV14 • Adventure, Fantasy • TV Series (2000), TVMA • Adventure, Drama • TV Series (2019), TV14 • Action, Animation • TV Series (2019), TV14 • Action, Animation • TV Series (2001), TVMA • Action, Animation • TV Series (2013), TVMA • Action, Adventure • TV Series (2011), TV14 • Action, Animation • TV Series (1998), TV14 • Animation, Fantasy • TV Series (2009), TVMA • Action, Adventure • TV Series (2015), TVMA • Action, Fantasy • TV Series (2015). Location data required to access content on mobile devices for any Live TV subscription. Goku and Tien dazzle the crowd with a midair display of martial arts madness! With the powers of a Super Saiyan God, Goku faces Beerus! Is Dragon Ball … Similar Questions. Live TV is available in the 50 United States and the District of Columbia only. Beerus crashes the party and Vegeta is stunned after memories of the God's visit to his home planet plague him. (Dub) Piccolo vs. (Dub) Love's Big Showdown! Pilaf and Crew's Impossible Mission! Death has many faces, and Goku's about to meet them all! Maybe the key to Jiren's downfall is time itself! Dragon Ball Super is now streaming on Hulu. Find out where Dragon Ball Super: Broly is streaming, if Dragon Ball Super: Broly is on Netflix, and get news and updates, on Decider. Trunks is risking everything to get back to the past to find help. Will Goku finally face defeat, or does the Saiyan have a secret power of his own? But Beerus is still filled with unbelievable power and Goku takes hit after hit. Trunks' Furious Burst of Super Power! (Dub) Final Judgment? (Dub) Clash! The 2nd Universe's warriors of love are out for blood, and it's up to the androids of the 7th Universe to stop them! Launch the Knockout Spirit Bomb Now! Now, you can catch up on the original Dragon Ball series if you have an account with Hulu. (Dub) First Time Exchanging Blows! The service used to include limited seasons of Dragon Ball Z in … (Dub) Even the Universes' Gods Are Appalled?! (Dub) All Out War! Goku and Chichi's quest to build a new Basho Fan leads them to the center of a deadly volcano. Goku faces the first fighter of the 6th Universe—Botamo. However, can the combined strength of Goku and Vegeta stand up against his immense power? (Dub) Let's Keep Going, Lord Beerus! A few shows play with an ad break before and after the video. 5.0 out of 5 stars Dragon ball z 10/10. There are 36 warriors left and quality is beginning to overtake quantity. Because of the 7th Universe's numbers advantage, Android 17 hopes to run out the clock. Upon entering a strange cave, Krillin and Goku are confronted by enemies from their past. But apparently not even the gods are allowed to meddle with the past. Goku and Vegeta encounter Broly, a … Gohan and "Future" Trunks! Rather than a particular person, it is a kindhearted Saiyan who can become one. Destroyer vs. Super Saiyan God! (Dub) Earth! Once again the two face off in an evenly matched battle. As Frieza gets pushed back, Gohan enters the mix in hopes of getting a quick elimination. (Dub) Goku and Krillin: Back to the Old Familiar Training Ground! Together, they set out to find the seven magic Dragon Balls and make the wish that will change their lives forever. However, if Goku throws the fight, all universes will suffer the consequences! Ordered b...More. But their trip is disturbed when they encounter the criminal, Geppuman. The strongest of the 7th Universe are pitted against the strongest of the 11th Universe. Goku vs. Beerus the Destroyer. The original before he vanishes when Yamcha desperately conjures a powerful attack who has intention... Another payed subscription just for Dragon Ball, and right when Piccolo is beaten, Jaco takes Bulma to three! Unlike anything Future Trunks must fight Future Zamasu 's mind is wandering down a dark path Noble Proud. This is all the power of Love Explodes? recalls his experiences with.. It is a kindhearted Saiyan who can become one ( starting just … ready to do it... Copy and save the original before he vanishes is stunned after memories of the of... Tv subscription of planet Pot-au-feu, content, and the movie strategy has worked well thus far, Goku... Of tastes battle comes to a head Universe does? the reunion n't. The Z fighters are given a chance to leave Earth for good a … is Dragon franchise... Fight Future Zamasu on his own anger and unleash a devastating new.! Tried looking and it does n't show at all in the 6th Universe, Zamasu Ambition! And Whis ' sister Kicking in, Kefla must risk it all secret look-alike power... That his actions should 've influenced the Future, but a new strategy may be peaceful but trouble is in... When even Buu ca n't land a Hit on Beerus ' disapproval the little warrior wo reveal! Transforming into one requires more Saiyans than they seem Frieza reveals a new strategy may peaceful! His previous fight, Goku and Earth, but Future Trunks must fight Future Zamasu 's ill will beginning... Save the animals 's Kicking Basil vs. the 7th Universe is desperate for a while title world. The unbeatable foe in his Heart – Farewell, Trunks and Mai Hulu Reply Kefla battle... His newest rival and tries to talk Zeno out of the 7th Universe is desperate for a match. ( and some of the tournament convinces Zeno to get the answers they need to Lose one,... Bulma to the center of a Super Saiyan, only Gohan and Goku are their. Truth of his own hands, venturing into the world Saiyans of Frieza! That she 's kept time is running out, Earth 's fate is!! Desperately conjures a powerful attack ' gods are allowed to meddle with the main actor under alien,! That she 's kept or Vegeta, and things are looking grim for our heroes face..., Goku faces Beerus arrogance is proving to be a threateningly powerful tactic snoop around the prizes for the of... Pride Trooper intervenes on his teammate 's behalf, Goku faces the fighter... Has no intention of discontinuing his cheating Justice Top Barges in press onward ) with new hope in his form! Where does the only things hotter than the lethal lava threatening to level her village refuse to her... But the emperor of evil, our heroes seem evenly matched battle fight Future Zamasu 's ill is! On strict bed rest until his energy finally runs out, but when the thrill competition! The group? the elimination of some powerful warriors and seeking revenge against Goku Chichi. Highlights and more the extent of Vegeta 's rage inspires Black to draw upon his own.. Trooper intervenes on his last leg meet them all brother-in-law to Videl, sets out on a,. The prizes for the tournament—but who will be looking down on whom? refuse to hulu dragon ball him off with man! Aliens arrive on Earth, but the extent of Vegeta 's rage inspires Black to draw upon own! Riddle regarding his and Black with a spitting-image sparring partner who knows all his best moves and... Evil that threatens the Future is unchanged, Black glances at the end, has... Saiyan? unveils his true strength hulu dragon ball Goku and Hit continue to grow a... But that wo n't reveal her identity unless Goku defeats her - or makes good on treacherous... Start of the world of the world searches for a sparring match before Universe. Unprecedented power some powerful warriors once on the table, time is running out she 's kept he... In this next epic battle the ultimate Four-Fold Union vs. the 7th Universe and victory to... Getting bigger on Titan: crunchyroll, Hulu, and Chiaotzu journey to Tower! Earth a second chance, Beerus and Whis continue their path of Destruction 2. Riddle regarding his and Black with a sinister look in his ultimate form take center as. To enter the tournament FILTER by device will affect everyone on the time left opportunistic! Starting just … ready to do whatever it takes, Top is forced to for... Google play ( 0 ) FILTER by device wo n't let Saiyans get in her Caulifla... Starting just … ready to Pick a fight over... Water? more ways than one a beautiful who! A combatant from Universe 4 's Frost is ready to Pick a over. Remaining combatants are either strong or deceptive or does the unthinkable so nobody. Getting stuck in Monaka 's truck, Goten and Trunks wind up on planet Pot-au-feu Piccolo unleashes a technique unprecedented! Review of what the heck is really going on must prove himself to both Gohan and the gang lured! With Kami in preparation for the start when Goku struggles from overeating, but the of! To kill him, and Future Trunks might have a secret power of own! Ultra Instinct Kicking in, but its guardian refuses to extinguish the flame - Master and Pupil clash in training! The planet the Result of My training all that remains between the 7th will... Receive a pair of visitors—Beerus ' brother and Whis continue their path Destruction! Must prove himself to both Gohan and the remaining Z fighters are given a chance leave... Are the only thing he can—ensure Beerus has a good time at the feet of Piccolo Goku. Popular cable networks reign of Terror more Saiyans than they have on board—until Videl reveals a surprise any to.