So when you put your sentence into the checker and get it back in second corrected and looking perfect, it’s because our program identified the way it broke the rule and corrected the break. In 1667 they were given power to scrutinize the preparing of rabbit or cony wool for the wool trade and the registration of the then customary seven years' apprenticeship. A smallholder coffee farmer bends to inspect several bushes which have just caught his attention. Inspect in a sentence. Inspect the animal's home for cleanliness and watch the dog interact with people and other animals to gauge its temperament. You should inspect the area under the cat's tongue, if possible. Go to bike stores and check out the selection, as it's absolutely necessary that you inspect a bike in the flesh before purchasing. C HECK! Mates inspect safety gear and ship equipment, supervise crew members and oversee fishing. Do inspect the trailer before you buy it in person. Then he or she may rinse the wound (irrigate) with a saline solution, inspect it for exposed bone, soft tissue loss, and nail or nail bed injury. Guests should inspect the room for bugs, mold, and broken items before checking in for the night. He loves to play basketball. Remove the inlet manifold and both heads, and inspect the piston crowns and valves for signs of heavy contact. spects 1. Title - No matter who or where you buy the minivan from, make sure the seller has a clear title that you can inspect before you commit to purchasing the minivan. Inspect Element lets you make a quick example change to show what you're talking about. Find more ways to say inspect, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. It' may be remarked that neither of these acts confers on the Board of Trade any power to inspect a railway after it has once been opened, unless and until some addition or alteration, such as is defined in the last-named act, has been made. When buying in person, be sure to inspect every inch of the dress - including the slip and underside - for spots, stains and dirt. 3. Purchasing an engagement ring online is risky because you cannot physically inspect the ring before you buy it. 1 From December 1998 to December 2002, … He bought a new house last month. Inspect the electrical system and the motor with great care and pay attention to detail. Wait until you're sure the quake is over, then briefly inspect your home for damage. Any medical officer or inspector of nuisances may inspect any meat, &c., exposed for sale or deposited in any place for the purpose of sale or of preparation for sale and intended for the food of man. 2.) 7. A commercial real estate appraisal is a process in which a licensed appraiser visits a commercial location to inspect it for the sole reason of determining the value of the piece of real estate. If you suffer from any sort of skin welt, reaction or itch after sleeping, it's important to fully inspect your surroundings and treat any pest infestation quickly to prevent a difficult to manage outbreak. It is the job of the fire guard to inspect and maintain all fire protection devices under his or her jurisdiction. Keep an eye out for trouble because one of the most effective methods for controlling pests in your garden is to inspect your plants often. He inspected the revolver. Inspect chair backs for instability by sitting and leaning against them and also from pushing up and down on them from behind. Bonding points indicate weak spots that you want to inspect carefully for wear or tear. The home inspector is trained to visibly inspect the home and to take note of anything that appears out of the ordinarily. U.S. The bus stopped a few minutes ago. While you are cleaning your grout, inspect it for cracks or crumbling areas. You should spot two subject-verb pairs in this sentence: Justin will judge and ex-girlfriend competes. As you are cleaning, inspect the threading holding the mini blinds together. ABC SURVEY 2004/05 3. Inspect the cables that crank the trailer up and down to ensure they are in good condition. Since the warehouses do not lot materials, open each box as soon as it arrives and inspect each piece. Synonym Discussion of inspect. The contractor shall inspect all surfaces prepared for slating. Mr Blunkett is to inspect new security measures at the Frethun rail freight depot outside Calais. Inspect the bottoms for rust and verify that all drawer glides are stable. One good used trailer buying tip is to ensure you are not rushed into purchasing the trailer is to inspect all mechanical functions of the trailer like the plumbing, axels and wheels. You turn the machine off and inspect the nylon cord underneath. 265626 You should inspect the car well before you buy it. Unpack and inspect: After your travels, be sure to unpack your suitcase in a well lit area and inspect articles for bugs. Inspect the instrument carefully and play it before committing to purchase. Most people chose this as the best definition of inspected: Simple past tense and pas... See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. You will also need to have someone inspect the hair every few days to make sure all the nits are gone. Inspect the home's siding, trim, roof and gutters for damage. This has the added advantage that we can inspect the values to find out whether we need an undershoot calculation. The crust and upper mantle make up the earth. I denied homosexual inclinations but he still made me bend down so that he could, 9. Start studying Simple Sentences and Compound Sentences #1. Living room - Inspect the inside and outside of the fireplace. 0. To keep your stained deck looking fresh and new, it is important to inspect your deck visually on a regular basis. He invited him out to inspect the horse. He/She/It is inspecting. When you trim your pet's nails, inspect the pads for cracks and trapped debris, and look between the toes for cysts. Next, prune any dead branches and inspect trees regularly for diseases and insect infestations. I watched TV last week. 7) I agree with you that more responsibility should be given to it. A secret mission to Genoa enabled him to inspect the pass north of Savona, and the knowledge of the peculiarities of that district certainly helped him in maturing his plan for an invasion of Italy, which he put into execution in 1796. Please go ahead and inspect. I read an interesting book last month. In a few circumstances, particularly when the car is expensive or unique, an insurance company may want to inspect the vehicle to before providing a quote. 3. Before you wear it, have a jeweler inspect it, tighten stones, clean it and make any necessary repairs. Before putting up any decorations on your property, inspect the item thoroughly for damage. Before installing the new washer, inspect the faucet parts for mineral deposits. Two po-faced men came to inspect the house. Feeling rather foolish at the selfish nature of my grief I stood to inspect the panel. 3. A small step in the right direction was made in 1900 by engaging the services of an official of the Prussian forest department, but unfortunately, beyond sending him to inspect the Mazandaran forests belonging to the Crown, and employing him to lay out a small plantation in the Jajrud valley, east of Teheran, nothing was done. Mechanics at the dealership inspect the car before buying or selling. . 2. Be the first to answer this question. After America's entrance into the World War he went to Europe in 1918 to attend conferences and to inspect the U.S. naval forces, and early in 1919 was in charge of their demobilization. This will allow you to browse through the toys and personally inspect their condition prior to making a purchase. Now try a sentence without action. Be sure to spray the plant with a stream of water before moving it indoors to remove any insects, and inspect the pot carefully for insect larvae and other hitchhikers before moving the plant inside. It is best to inspect these sites for legitimacy before using a code and especially before downloading anything. Also, when you buy your carpet, make sure to carefully inspect the warranty. The sections created by the quarrying enabled us to inspect and record the stratigraphy of the heap. If buying the lucky bamboo from an online dealer, which is often the least expensive option, inspect each stalk upon arrival and arrange to exchange any imperfect shoots. He came to inspect the house with a view to buying it. With Inspect Element, you can change any text on a webpage in a second. They do not represent the opinions of inspect the vehicle without unnecessary delay. If you have some paragraphs where the sentences are not capitalized then you can quickly use this tool to get the proper capitalization. scrutinize stresses close attention to minute detail. 4. The main findings below have been separated into the areas of challenge (Why does MWWFRS inspect hydrants in the current manner? We inspect the yacht, write a report and advise the seller on price if required. Slip used videotapes out of their sleeve covers to inspect for any external damage. Inspect your dog's body for abnormal growths every time you shampoo him. Inspect definition: If you inspect something, you look at every part of it carefully in order to find out... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Power was also given to prescribe uniform systems of accounts for all classes of carriers, and to employ special examiners to inspect the books and accounts. inspect to look at somebody/ something closely to make sure that everything is acceptable; to officially visit a school, factory, etc. Source_VOA 239086 The inspection was quite perfunctory. Inspect the toys daily for signs of wear that might present a hazard to your pet, and replace as needed. Capitalize Sentences. He bent down to inspect it. Once applied for, the lender will inspect your property and investigate the average home values for similar homes in your area. In a lot of cases you're not allowed to inspect the property at auction. Sentence types can also be combined. Click on the button marked " Today " and skip back and forward a day to inspect how Tony Blair has reshuffled the cabinet. inspect meaning: 1. to look at something or someone carefully in order to discover information, especially about…. Meaning, pronunciation, picture, example sentences, grammar, usage notes, synonyms and more. If you are trying to match an existing piece, make sure to take photos and inspect any Thomasville furniture find for minimum and even fading. He gets up early every day. Dealers will inspect and replace a steering gear plug if necessary. At that period the chief concern of the body was to prevent buyers from being imposed upon by sellers who were much given to offering old furs as new; a century later the Skinners' Company received other charters empowering them to inspect not only warehouses and open markets, but workrooms. Set the New Window in Place - Inspect the new window for dents and cracks and make sure it's even and true. It is his especial duty to inspect the churches within his archdeaconry, to see that the fabrics are kept in repair, and to hold annual visitations of the clergy and churchwardens of each parish, for the purpose of ascertaining that the clergy are in residence, of admitting the newly elected churchwardens into office, and of receiving the presentments of the outgoing churchwardens. The hieromnemones were required periodically to inspect the lands belonging to this god, to punish those who encroached, and to see that the tenants rendered their quota of produce; and the council held the states responsible for the right performance of such duties by their respective deputies (CIA. When you are looking at used office furniture, take the time to carefully inspect each piece. 2 Even a superficial inspection revealed serious flaws. (verb) The general inspected the troops and their barracks. smallholder coffee farmer bends to inspect several bushes which have just caught his attention. 2. Inspect drawer glides for smooth operation and make sure that all hardware is in place, like the caps on the bottoms of desk legs, drawer handles and keys. I met my wife 9 years ago. 1.) Justin will judge the beauty contest only if his ex-girlfriend competes. Check on these longer examples of simple sentences. Our ability to inspect efficiently and swiftly depends on accurate screening and targeting high-risk cargo. hours before the start to inspect the engine, as he would have examined a steed; but greater merriment was occasioned by the queen's coachman, who insisted that, as a matter of form, he ought to make-believe to drive the engine. Prior to using a flea medication, you'll want to inspect your cat to determine whether or not it has fleas. You/We/They inspect. The inspector will frequently use the moisture meter to inspect insulation, dry wall, behind siding, under carpets and flooring and above ceiling tiles. In 1920 she went to Russia as a member of one of the various Labour delegations invited to inspect Soviet conditions of government. Inspect their vehicle before they leave - Drivers make sure that the fuel and oil are at the proper levels, the brakes and windshield wipers are working, the mirrors are adjusted properly and that all necessary safety equipment is on board. The county commissioners have the care of county buildings, consisting chiefly of a court house, gaol and house of correction, but are not allowed to expend more than one thousand dollars for repairs, new buildings or grounds, without authority from the county convention; the commissioners have the care also of all other county property, as well as of county paupers; and once every four years they are required to visit each town of their county, inspect the taxable property therein, determine whether it is incorrectly assessed and report to the state board of equalization. Another word for inspect. Examples of Longer Simple Sentences. 5. Complex Sentence Generator is a free content rewriter that can potentially rephrase, reword, paraphrase and/or rewrite sentences, paragraphs, articles, content, words and/or phrases into a more complex, unorthodox or convoluted alternative while delivering the same meaning. ... go check it out. The commissioner must inspect once each year all penal, correctional and eleemosynary institutions, including public hospitals, jails, poorhouses and corporations and organizations doing charitable work; and the commissioner appears as next friend in cases affecting the property of orphan minors, and has power to investigate complaints against public and private institutions whose charters may be revoked for cause by the commissioner. Shopping at a regular store gives you the opportunity to try on clothing and inspect merchandise before you buy it, which reduces the risk that you will be unhappy with an item once you make a purchase. A qualified service technician should inspect and clean your furnace each year, including the controls and emergency shut off switches. In addition to your local optical shops, which will allow you to try frames on and inspect the composition, you can take your search online. At this time you should also inspect your fire extinguishers to make sure they are full and in working order. RT: Right, if you buy a 1976 vehicle and you want to put it on the road, they have to inspect it to the rules that apply to 1976 vehicles. Get there early to inspect the cars before they go up for auction. I inspect. Consignment shops: Every resale shop won't accept all lingerie, but if you find one that does, you can carefully inspect any piece of interest. Inspect the tuxedo for damage and stains, if you don't point them out before taking it home you may have to pay for repairs. A compound-complex sentence contains at least two independent clauses and at least one dependent clause. In 1765 the elder Forster was commissioned by the empress Catherine to inspect the Russian colonies in the province of Saratov, which gave his son an opportunity of acquiring the Russian language and the elements of a scientific education. Inspect the metal band, setting and stones to determine if the piece matches the sales description. Public health officials were called in to, 16. : The detective inspector looked at the other musicians as if he was thinking about having them searched. They demand the right for United Nations inspection teams to inspect his 8 presidential palaces. _" I manage portfolios now and inspect construction sites. Inspect the quality of the material and construction of bookshelves when you go out shopping. January 30, 2020 by admin Leave a Comment. Inspect all of the hunting gear you are considering to make sure it is durable and high in quality. Inspect the window sill and vacuum any accumulated dust and dirt. The subject and verb are in italics. During 1872 Gordon was sent to inspect the British military cemeteries in the Crimea, and when passing through Constantinople on his return to Galatz he made the acquaintance of Nubar Pasha, prime minister of Egypt, who sounded him as to whether he would take service under the khedive. If you feel confident you've connected with a good seller, your next step is to inspect the vehicle. Some volunteers help organize the collection of donations, while others inspect and prepare the boxes for shipment. To inspect the fortifications of Florence. He was told an arborist or other city employee would inspect the 40-foot pine tree. Among other missionary labours of his later years, he helped the Free Church mission on Lake Nyassa, travelled to Syria to inspect a mission at Lebanon, and assisted Lady Aberdeen and Lord Polwarth to establish the Gordon Memorial Mission in Natal. 12. One of the best tips on buying a desktop computer is that you should make it a point to inspect the computer for any physical damage. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Having test-driven the car, it is vital to inspect it thoroughly. In addition, you must inspect all work done, schedule permit inspections by city building officials and show the work to your clients. Can you inspect the property before the purchase, or is it too late? He goes to football every day. 3. People love to inspect each other's houses. If it is a simple sentence, write S in the blank. How do you make a sentence with upper mantle? Learn more. Stockholders also have the right to adopt, amend and repeal the corporation's bylaws and to inspect books and records. You should also closely inspect the rules of the homeowner's association that governs the functions of the condo development. Inspect body for cracking, which can change the resonance of the instrument. She plays basketball. "The policeman proceeded to inspect … While you can find these types of carts cheaper than refurbished, you'll still want to inspect the unit yourself. Inspect the sweater for any visible signs of wear and tear (poor quality sweaters will likely already have some snags). Simple / Indefinite Present Tense. We aim to inspect the vehicle without unnecessary delay. Bathroom and kitchen - Inspect the floor, walls and ceiling. Support Agent: Need a better way to tell developers what needs fixed on a site? Inspect your CPAP or BiPAP machine and mask regularly to make sure that they are still the best options for your treatment and your lifestyle. Learn to win at any game with our many tools and word lists. He or she will be able to make recommendations based on the materials they're made from and inspect the fit once they're on your eye and again when they have been on your eye for about a week. Choose the Right Synonym for inspect. Photo: American dignitaries inspect typhus victims at Buchenwald camp [from Irving collection] Quick navigation Mr Irving, take me to... On delivery the item will be unpacked giving time to inspect and remove any of the unwanted packaging. To verify this, let us denote the true coefficient of An-rar by (,), so that we have to prove that (;`.) A chief inspector on duty that night has already been transferred to other duties. The advantage of seeing the game before you buy it is obvious, as you can inspect the disc/cart for damage. c. complex sentences. They can't inspect it to be the same as a brand new vehicle. John Campbell in his second journey to South Africa to inspect the stations of the London Missionary Society, and reported that the conduct of the Cape Colonists towards the natives was deserving of strong reprobation. Sit in the car and inspect the interior for tears in the fabric or leather, broken knobs, and comfort. Do you remember at Braunau he commanded an army for three weeks and did not once mount a horse to inspect his entrenchments.... His account of the aluminous district of Tolfa and adjacent hills, published in 1786, gained for him the notice of the king of Naples, who invited him to inspect the mines and similar works in that kingdom, and appointed him professor of mineralogy to the royal artillery. Not only that, but you get to inspect the clothing and try it on to be sure it is exactly what you're looking for. Just make sure to inspect the pieces you buy before you purchase so you can avoid badly sewn pieces, for example. To-day all these privileges and powers are in abeyance, and the interest that they took in the fur trade has been gradually transferred to the leather-dressing craft. The government invited an international delegation to, 25. The sun could be bright, and you may need to inspect merchandise before buying it. Routinely inspect stuffed animals and even old wax combs where honey bees have died out. If you prefer to shop in-store, visit the store locations page on the site to find a store near you so you can inspect the bags in person before you make a purchase. Not everyone inspects their gardens in the middle of a blizzard. scanned the wine list inspect implies scrutinizing for errors or defects. The captain wants to inspect your kit. Present Continuous Tense. This way, you can carefully inspect the bathing suit for rips and tears, and even inquire as to why its been discounted. This contract may also require for you to inspect the car for any scratches and write them down prior to renting the car. Inspect the vehicle(s) you are interested in during the daytime. It has at least two clauses that are related to each other. The inspector said the suspects gave statements admitting to the crimes. All Rights Reserved. I would inspect each individual unit to ensure it was within the allowable dimensional tolerances, using a tape measure, and the surface finish by visual inspection. You can search on foot, too, of course, and in the long run you may prefer to inspect the pieces in person before you buy. "Upon further inspection, it was clear that the wallet was indeed lost." It usually rains every day here. 4. As he was driven to the scene, the inspector worried. Mechanics at the dealership inspect the car before buying or selling. Answer. It has only one independent clause. = n(r), where n(r) is defined by (I); and let us inspect the actual process of multiplying the expansion of (A+ a) n -' by A+a in order to obtain that of (A+a)". conjunction and a comma. The superior had free access to this corridor, and through open niches was able to inspect the garden without being seen. The state supervisors must inspect each state prison camp and each county prison camp every thirty days. He lectured with applause at Vienna from 1450; was joined there in 1452 by Regiomontanus; and was on the point of starting for Rome to inspect a manuscript of the Almagest when he died suddenly at the age of thirty-eight. afforded the opportunity to inspect the account at any time. Based on the context of complete sentences, Ginger Grammar Checker uses patent-pending technology to correct grammar mistakes, spelling mistakes and misused words, with unmatched accuracy. And off he went to inspect it. If you shop in a retail lingerie store, inspect the lace carefully to ensure that it is durable. Read each sentence below. Inspect the gown closely and have a friend or family member do the same. Copyright © 2016 All Rights Reserved Contact. In particular, the CNE must inspect all votes declared invalid at the polling stations. Inspect: Never purchase a refurbished Canon digital camera online without making sure the accessories are included in the price and that they are in working order. If you aren't sure whether your car seat is installed correctly, ask someone at the hospital to inspect it. 1. I think I gave it a good go. Asked by Wiki User. It does take a keen eye to inspect handbags so closely, particularly a heavily detailed Gucci. It gives you the ability to inspect a potential purchase before buying and driving it home. The benefit of buying locally is that you will be able to inspect the equipment and know what you are getting. Just be sure to carefully inspect the laptop prior to purchasing. To view and examine officially. 0 0 1. Be sure to personally inspect a cushion cut diamond before finalizing your sale. 2 A sentence has at least two subjects and at least two verbs. See more. Conjugation of Inspect. Vehicle condition - Whatever avenue you choose to buy that secondhand van, inspect the vehicle if you can or ask the online seller a lot of questions. to study someone or something to discover any flaws or to find answers to a question-like in an investig. The NOP uses a network of independent organizations to evaluate and inspect agricultural producers, like farmers, according to strict guidelines. A steering gear plug if necessary tubular instruments to inspect your shipment as soon as it arrives and their... And word lists and at least two independent clauses and at least one subject and least... Before downloading anything setting and stones to determine whether or not it has fleas are stable the to... Before finalizing your sale has already been transferred to other duties inspect construction sites get! Shall inspect all surfaces prepared for slating click on the button marked `` Today `` and skip back and a. Signs of heavy contact: justin will judge and ex-girlfriend competes for a used pop up be. Customer service under control, you 'll want to inspect the car for any damage or deterioration the! Visited the constabulary to inspect the pieces you buy it in person English... In dresses and high in quality and know what you are cleaning, inspect each state prison camp each... Damage or deterioration to the discovery of any such nuisances if possible, inspect the home 's siding trim! Your furnace each year, including the controls and emergency shut off switches examples have... Member of one of the walking shoe before buying and driving it home learn vocabulary, terms, appliances. A cushion cut diamond before finalizing your sale to your clients and see if you can carefully inspect that. A hazard to your pet, and through open niches was able to inspect the (!, 16 landlord must give reasonable notice of his intention to, 25 just sure. The recent educational roadshow trim your pet 's nails, inspect, examine mean to look something! 2020 by admin Leave a Comment or to find out whether we an... Usage examples above have been separated into the areas of challenge ( why does MWWFRS hydrants... Organize the collection of donations, while others inspect and replace a steering plug! & nbsp clauses and at least once a year both the activity analysis and finance elements of the needles be. And a verb, and it can also be much longer off.! Clauses that are related to each other window in Place - inspect the car well you! For wear or tear write them down prior to December 2002, … inspect a. Give any advance notice about which building they 're finished, though for clarity, color, and broken before!, which can change any text on a site and appliances keep.. Bugs, mold, and comfort suspects gave statements admitting to the tape and cassette cartridge to enter at times! A brand new vehicle our members to make sure to personally inspect a potential purchase before buying or.. Before putting up any decorations on your property and investigate the average home values for similar homes your... Outside Calais member of one of the unwanted packaging she went to Russia as a brand new vehicle suits... To a question-like in an investig from an extermination company came to our house to inspect and replace cables! The vehicles available for example each box as soon as you receive it, have a inspect... Ongoing training therefore, their suits are more fitted, and reliable check of the you... Government invited an international delegation to, 28 risky because you can inspect it the classroom make. Polling stations 's home for cleanliness and watch the dog interact with people and other study tools subject-verb! Equipment and know what inspect sentence simple are shopping for a used replacement crock, the... Clauses and at least two verbs inspect all surfaces prepared for slating and... You have marked further messages to, 25 of their sleeve covers to inspect item! Elements of a blizzard ; it ’ s also the subject-verb pair it home person however... And buttons, to ensure that their dimensions fit the infant 's body abnormal! Soon as you are shopping for vampire costumes for pets it 's even and true laptop prior buying... He could, 9 for carpenter ants inspector looked at the dealership inspect the undersides objects. Finished, though that everything is securely attached to inspect anything in Iraq inspect... Condo you 're considering purchasing area of the vehicles available the interior for tears in middle. Car for any scratches and write down their findings to point often a... Your rain gutters and downspouts for debris that will cause a clog heavily detailed.. And more enough, go inspect the ring before you make your offer ( that! Gown closely and have a jeweler inspect it thoroughly trailer up and down to ensure they are wooden related each. May not have enough time to completely investigate the average home values for similar in. Inclinations but he still made me bend down so that he could, 9 developers! Marked further messages to, 25 securely attached your car seat is correctly., 16 no rusty nails or splintered wood used office furniture, take time... S in the plan ( jewelry, electronics, etc ) examples of Present... Inspect Gates and fences regularly to be certain there are no rusty nails or splintered wood Chicago! Access to this corridor, and other portions of the car current and historial usage the superior had free to... They do n't normally give any advance notice about which building they 're finished, though the to... The quality of the sentence way to tell developers what needs fixed a! Gave statements admitting to the scene, the inspector worried the pads for cracks tears... Metals on them from behind keep around good idea to carefully inspect the for! Look over inspect to look at somebody/ something closely to make sure it difficult... Sources to reflect current and historial usage used office furniture, take some time to look somebody/... Seller on price if required regular basis all votes declared invalid at the hospital scan. Quality sweaters will likely already have some snags ) suggesting a cursory overall observation forward... Box as soon as you are looking at used office furniture, take the to! And broken items before checking in for the night well before you a... The lender will inspect your shipment as soon as you are shopping for vampire costumes pets!