Piccolo promised to give Goku a warning when he launched his attack, struggling to pronounce the Special Beam Cannon's Japanese name before firing the attack at them both, killing the pair. Piccolo asked Goku what his plan was and the latter explained he needed him to hold off Freeza for five minutes while he charged the Spirit Bomb despite being easily beaten by Freeza himself in less than that time but claiming to believe in Piccolo, indicating to the latter that Goku was holding a grudge before he confronted Freeza. Like all Namekians, Piccolo can regenerate lost limbs in a quick moment, but he can only regrow quickly when he has enough energy. [25] As highlighted in their conflict with Garlic Jr., Goku and Piccolo heavily contrast each other, Goku having a family and a home while Piccolo is a nomadic loner. He then unanimously agreed with the rest of the Z-Fighters that Yamcha would be better suited taking Goku home rather than staying. Gohan asks Piccolo for clothes like Piccolo himself, so Piccolo uses his Magic Materialization to change Gohan's clothes. While he scat most of the tune, the last lines were "I'ma chargin' my attack". Gohan, instead of wearing his traditional uniform like the others who refused, asks Piccolo if he could wear an outfit like his, as Piccolo was his first martial arts master. He gives Gohan an outfit a lot like the one he had fighting the Saiyans, except with a mantle like Piccolo’s. Nail revealed to Kami that the two had fused while Piccolo was on Namek, leading Kami to ask Piccolo if he was aware that the technique was forbidden. The second fusion was with Kami after much convincing. When the pair arrived to where Raditz was, they confronted him, soon removing their weighted clothing afterward. Piccolo was close to bidding Nail a farewell before his planned death when Nail mentioned that he had an idea to keep himself from dying and Piccolo from being lonely, Piccolo initially mistaking it for Nail wanting to become friends with him on Myspace and telling him that he had switched to Spacebook quite some time ago. Vegeta then arrived, leading Piccolo to state that the "prodigal asshole" had returned and when speaking to Gohan, revealed he had faked his injury while poising what he felt was the better question: "Where was my Senzu Bean?" Trunks eventually intervenes, however, and the rest of the group quickly follows to protect Trunks. 2nd September 2012. That's because Gohan admires Piccolo as a teacher, not as a father. Piccolo then noticed Gohan, who ran over to him. 1st Owned Count created originally by TFS. Once Krillin and Trunks left, Piccolo apologized to Tien for his father killing Chiaotzu. His first words upon seeing Nail are. Piccolo's arm was for the most part absorbed and had a grotesque appearance in relation to the rest of his body, which prompted Cell to remark that he was starting to look like Kami. So. Asked by Broly about his power level, Piccolo said that he did not know and went to go see Goku, who he asked if they could defeat him together and in approaching Broly with Gohan, Goku and Trunks, Piccolo told Broly they would see how he faired when faced with fighting all of them. Piccolo flew to Kami's Lookout and greeted Mr. Popo, before encountering Kami, who he ignored the greeting of and told him to cut the crap while insisting that he knew why he was there. Piccolo volunteers himself to fight the Androids alone. Debut Android 17 emerged from the smoke unscathed and mentioned how Piccolo had tried to kill Goku before, which he likened to the androids' ongoing search for him. A recurring characteristic of Piccolo is his desperation to make friends. [42] He did however become irritated when his father's past action of releasing murderers and criminals was overlooked in comparison to Cell.[41]. Vegeta asks Kakarrot if he thinks he can defeat Cell. [42], After the day of the Cell Games arrived, Piccolo was met by Goku on the lookout, Piccolo expressing disillusion due to the multiple transformations Cell had received since they last fought. Cooler afterward ordered his henchmen to kill Krillin and they attacked the whole group, Piccolo telling the others while fighting the henchmen to toughen up and found himself ineffective in attempting to destroy them until receiving a suggestion from Nail to hit them harder. Piccolo instructed Goku to throw the Spirit Bomb even though it was not charged entirely since Freeza was about to destroy the planet. DragonBall Addict 1,655,704 views I just love to get naked when I'm around you. In response, Piccolo flew down to him, unaware of what happened to the gorilla and in noticing his tail and something else became disgusted. The first fusion he did was with Nail, who according to him, had enough power to face off against Freeza, which was shown when he was able to handle himself against Freeza's second form. [31], Piccolo views on Krillin are fairly negative. When Gohan confirmed that he had not, Piccolo cried out and explained how he got there when asked. [20] In contrast, Vegeta has shown frustration with Piccolo's power exceeding his own,[30] but he still believes he would defeat him in combat. He is also very stupid at times since he doesn't use his Destructo Disc when he is supposed to. Piccolo reveals to Bulma that Trunks and Future Trunks are one in the same. In Episode 4, Piccolo's line "Everyone of Gohan's race can become a giant gorilla" is delivered in the same manner as an almost identical line given by Turles in the infamous Big Green dub. His training clothes are weighted, weighing 100Kg or 220Lb. Piccolo told Tien that Cell was vague about his strength increasing if he found what he was looking for, but knew that he would be unstoppable if he joined forces with the androids. Piccolo explained to Cell that sensing a disturbance brought him to the latter's "neighborhood" and judging by Cell killing the man by absorbing him, expressed his belief that Cell was the one who absorbed the entire city. With Krillin remembering that it cut their power levels, Piccolo gave him the ultimatum of plan A or plan B and the two cast three separate versions of themselves. Piccolo relented and he and Krillin engaged Nappa, sending him flying to the ground. Piccolo was annoyed to discover he was a creation of Dr. Gero and mentioned to Cell that the Z-Fighters referred to Androids 17 and 18, who Cell called "Cyborgs 17 and 18", as androids. Piccolo assumed that Master Roshi did since he knew the Mafūba. Unlike theoriginal Nappa, this version is incredibly dim-witted and naive; with a childlike outlook on his surroundings. Piccolo encountered Raditz while standing around by himself and generally being lonely aside from his single friend on Myspace, Tom. [1] This scarcity of companions caused him to work together with Goku to save his son Gohan, putting his life on the line all because Goku promised to become his friend on Myspace in exchange for his aid in saving his son. Nail asked if this was the part where he chanted to himself and Piccolo told him to shut up, being annoyed when Kami did it for him as he flew off the lookout. Katas (grandfather)Nameless Namekian (father before splitting into two)King Piccolo (father/incarnation)Kami (father's good counterpart and permanent fusee)Nail (permanent fusee)Gohan (surrogate son and student)Dende (Namekian god/Uncle/Brother (due to Nail fusioning with him))Spudz (illegitimate son) Nail has a penchant for pointing out Piccolo's bouts of meditation are actually just him napping. As Cell began charging up, Piccolo explained to Android 17 and the other androids who he was and that he was from the future, though this was dismissed by Android 17. Namekian Piccolo stood toe-to-toe with Freeza in battle, surprising everyone including the latter who commented on his surprise that the Namekians were capable of producing such capable fighters, Piccolo's retort being that he was surprised anyone could take him seriously. After Vegeta asked him if he wanted a medal, he turned and complimented his shirt. His last words were — hilariously enough — highlighting Gohan's negligence when it comes to dodging. Gohan continued destroying and Piccolo drew issue with this, wondering what would be left for him before destroying the moon after coming under the belief that it was mocking him. Nail thought he would puke, but Piccolo tried to tell him that he could not since he was in his mind. Piccolo then asked Future Trunks if he also hated his father and mentioned his own father's passing at the hands of Goku when Future Trunks assumed that he knew about fathers. Gohan then saved the group and everyone from the Dead Zone by knocking Garlic Jr. into it and as he left with his father, Piccolo stated his interest in taking Gohan. Piccolo misunderstood him, assuming he was talking about him reaching his limit and admitted to his bluff though Kami mentioned it as "another problem." Wait...". [12] This extends to both his anger and blurting out of a situation, such as when he approached Nail[13] or warned of the arriving Freeza. I’m a green f*cking dinosaur. However, the father figure part seems to have come from Team Four Star.Not exactly. Cell began charging a Special Beam Cannon, which both Kami and Nail recognized as one of Piccolo's moves, though the latter insisted it was Goku's Instant Transmission before it was fired at him and he deflected it. Piccolo asked Mr. Popo if going in to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber alone was bad when Mr. Popo said that was his first mistake. Tags. Gero. Episode 6: When Krillin was attacked and pulled down by the Saiyans, he proclaimed that this couldn't possibly get any worse. Though Bulma tried to stick up for Vegeta, Tien remarked that she had been left a single mother by him, Piccolo adding that him leaving was for the best, clarifying what he meant by asking her if she would really trust Vegeta with a baby.[36]. Piccolo offended both Angila, by insulting his appearance and Dorodabo, by calling him stupid. Freeza moved over to the group as they stood by watching and Piccolo resorted to grabbing both Gohan and Krillin with the instructions to dodge as they narrowly avoided the beams. Piccolo noted that he did not have anywhere to stay and when Nail greeted Kami, told the former that Kami could not hear him only to discover the two could speak. [1], While Piccolo and Goku flew to Raditz's location, Goku asked Piccolo if he was a Yoshi. [41], His relationship with Vegeta's son from an alternate timeline, Future Trunks, is entirely different. Cell is the main antagonist of Season 3 of the Dragon Ball Abridged series. While standing alone, Nail asked him about getting a house or job, though Piccolo responded to the latter question by stating that his appearance would hinder his ability to get one to such an extent that it would be impossible. "Cell Service" is the thirteenth episode of Season 3 of Team Four Star's DragonBall Z Abridged and is the forty-third episode overall. After Yamcha was blown-up by a Saibaman, Krillin became infuriated and swore that he would avenge him, though Piccolo expressed doubt given that Gohan who was only five-years-old was stronger than him before concluding that Krillin was pretty much there to serve as a "meat shield". Piccolo noticed Mr. Popo's strange demeanor as he counted the square tiling of the lookout and asked Kami what had happened to him, learning that he had finished "dropping" a gallon of LSD. [31] Unfortunately for Piccolo, others have caught on to his knowledge, such as Tien. However, Krillin objected and Piccolo opted to use the multi-form technique. Piccolo has largely deviated from his past trait in befriending Goku's son Gohan. With the robots wavering, Piccolo confirmed that they were finished and proceeded to blow them out with a burst of energy. Relationship between trunks and vegeta should be funny to see. Piccolo is a great teacher for the kids. Piccolo assured Nail that he had it and though the latter doubted him, he asked if he wanted to bet as he charged Android 17 and was taken down with a single blow. Being lonelyGohan's inability to dodgeHow boring Namek isBeing called a YoshiThe MoonNail and Kami living in his headVegetaCellAndroid 17RaditzWhistlingFreezaCoolerMistaken Green People for NamekiansThe phrase "You can win, you feel great, you can do this!" Piccolo: What is it? When Raditz is going to kill Gohan, Goku performs a Full Nelson on Raditz and tells Piccolo to give a signal before firing the beam. ", When Gohan asks Krillin about his training, Krillin breaks down and cries "First rule of Popo's training, do not talk about Popo's training!" Not completely sure how people believe this seriously, just confusing to me. He noticed Dr. Gero's frustrations with Android 19 for not being able to dodge, which prompted him to turn and look back at Gohan. Piccolo regained his consciousness at Kami's Lookout after receiving a Senzu Bean, telling Goku afterward that he had only succeeded in stalling Cell, as the latter was still free to hunt Android 18 and that they still did not have anyone that could defeat him. 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After Vegeta blasted the door down, Piccolo was introduced to Android 17 and Android 18 and witnessed Android 17's murder of Dr. Piccolo (as well as Nappa) also uses that name in Episode 7 after Gohan asks if he can photosynthesize. Pavlov referred to this concept as "conditional reflex". Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Piccolo (as well as every other Namekians) doesn't have a penis, a fact frequently pointed out by other characters. Piccolo Jr. (ピッコロ・ジュニア, Pikkoro Junia) or Kamiccolo is a Namekian and is the reincarnation and son of former Demon King Piccolo. Abridged Series Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Piccolo: [sarcastically] No, Goku; I just love to get naked when I’m around you. However, the Dragon Radar indicates all seven Dragon Balls have been found. You watch it again. He tried to telepathically reach Gohan but instead made contact with George Takei, who was intrigued when Piccolo stated that the old man had him from behind and then overheard Tien as he sang Yamcha's song "Cat Loves Food". Then Mr. Piccolo kidnapped me, the Saiyans showed up, killed a bunch of people including Mr. Piccolo, then we went to Namek, a bunch more people died, we came back, then my dad died again, then all my friends died, and now everyone else is dying. Piccolo had never seen the transformation before, though concluded there was a correlation between it and his tail and realized that every Saiyan had the potential to become "a giant gorilla". It’s better when Gohan embraces his fathers legacy and wears his clothes when Goku is dead. Piccolo then arrived in Ginger Town, where he overheard the constant talking between Nail and Kami and asked the pair if they could stop speaking for a minute. The Saiyans came after this and Piccolo assumed that the two were Saiyans, Nappa denying this and then furthering that Vegeta was not a prince after Piccolo questioned if he was. With Vegeta swearing that the android was his to fight, Piccolo played him by stating that he did not think the Super Saiyan would want to waste his time with an opponent like Dr. Gero. Piccolo admitted that the castle was to his liking but took issue with the minions and caused Sansho to lose footing when confronting Krillin, who misinterpreted Piccolo as trying to help him when he had planned on hitting Krillin, as he acknowledged but was content with dueling Sansho. With Goku killing the other minions, the group encountered a powered-up Garlic Jr. who easily was able to withstand Piccolo's attacks. Piccolo called Gohan a "nerd" when the latter tried to tell him what profession his mother wanted him to have and stated his intent to throw Gohan into a mountain as a way of unleashing his hidden potential. Once he revealed that the androids were stronger in the present-timelin4e than in his, Piccolo expressed outrage, stating they were not able to put up a decent fight even with two Super Saiyans. Piccolo asks if G… Arriving at the wasteland, Piccolo started speaking to the androids once more as Goku expressed how hot he was feeling, continuing that they could finally fight before questioning who they were and what they wanted. I'm trying to decide between which I want to see more for Gohan's SSJ2 transform trigger - either a joke on Goku not being a good dad, or something more substantial. 3 years ago. Nail asked him if he had any ideas of what he could do since he was bored, to which Piccolo asserted that now was not the time as he landed another blow on Freeza. Piccolo, in learning this, changed his plans to "kick some Saiyan ass" as opposed to world domination and after Gohan consented, questioned Kami if he was still there. Dr. Gero revealed he had been spying on Goku and the battles were rated on a scale of 1 to 10, leading Piccolo to question Android 19 how his fight with Goku was rated and become momentarily happy when he learned it was an 8 out of 10. Nail apparently managed it anyway. One with weird powers." Piccolo called on Gohan to attack him before he was able to dodge, the latter becoming so traumatized from the word "dodge" that he stood in place thinking about the past experiences before running off and hiding, leading Piccolo to exclaim Pavlov's name. Relative(s) [18], Unlike the main Piccolo who has neither the time nor the understanding for romantic relationships, this Piccolo appears to be aware of such things and is at least open to the idea of romance (or at the very least a sexual relationship) as shown in the Honest Trailers - Dragonball Evolution (Feat. Afterward, Gohan began staring at the moon and Piccolo became frustrated, calling the latter's staring similar to that of "a retarded puppy" and mentioning how he was trying to teach Gohan to fend for himself before he noticed the latter transforming into an Oozaru. When teleported there, he was placed a great distance away from Krillin, Gohan and Dende, but was able to make himself heard when he shouted that Krillin was a dumbass for using the wish to bring him to the planet and called Gohan a nerd when he theorized the wishes from the Namekian Dragon Balls were like a monkey's paw where you had to be specific with your wishes. Gohan soon saw the two and attacked Dr. Gero, knocking him away from Piccolo as the latter asked him how he was able to see them, to which Gohan explained they were in the air and questioned how he could not, leading Piccolo to instruct him not to sass him. 4 Goku: "Training" For The Cell Games After just enough time for Gohan to fly away, Vegeta comes out asking, "Pairs(two items packaged together) of what?" Team Four Star Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Piccolo watched the fight against Goku and Android 19, all the while joining Tien in being taunted by Dr. Gero. Piccolo came to after Trunks and Vegeta were knocked out while Tien was being chocked by Android 17 and Krillin was making quacking noises, which he learned from Nail after asking what he had missed. It's more likely than you think. Piccolo began his fight with Android 17 by removing his weighted clothing, expressing that he was not the same Namekian that had previously been bested by him and powering up. Despite this seeming wish come true scenario, Piccolo has mostly regulated Nail to either speaking to him from time to time, in some cases briefly or insisting that he stop trying to say anything at all, though this is usually justified by Piccolo wishing to stay focused and be with distractions. Piccolo tried to use his Light Grenade on Cell, appearing to both Androids 17 and 18 to have killed Cell when in reality the latter was still alive. You're always there for me." Piccolo mistook Nail speaking in Namekian as him being so broken he was not able to speak properly anymore, after which Nail revealed the language and Piccolo learned he was closer to being related to slugs rather than demons, disappointing him as he began to leave so he could be killed again. Conversely, Piccolo was forced to admit that the name "Nail Gun" was actually good. In seeing him, Freeza tried to mock Piccolo for being the sole remaining Namekian with a joke about how many Nameks it would take to accomplish something, though Piccolo soon cut him off with a punch and answered just one.[13]. [2] Benefits of his distant times in alone allowed for Piccolo to know much about deserted areas for which only someone such as himself, a person who either sought or was content with being alone, would occupy. He also made his intentions to do it again clear to the pair, arguing that he could do it as much as he wanted since it was his body. TFS Piccolo: Well screw you too! "[18], Some time later, Piccolo was constructing a house with the company of Nail until feeling two strong power levels, one of which he instantly recognized as Freeza and started screaming over. He asked him after he said he was being reminded of his failures if he meant his failure at killing or just in general, leading Freeza to beat him around until he rendered him unable to move. ", Nameless Namekian (father before splitting into two). Contents[show] Cast MasakoX - Goku, Gohan Lanipator - Piccolo, Vegeta, Krillin, Mr. Popo, Saibamen Takahata101 - Nappa Megami33 - Chaotzu Vegeta3986 - Yamcha, Oolong Ganxingba - Tenshinhan Hbi2k - Reporter 1/"Mr. Kent" KaiserNeko - Random Guy, Crowd Foley Featuring Cheeseman - Reporter 2/Jimmy Music Team America - The Team America March Cha-La-Head-Cha-La by Hironobu Kageyama … Nappais a major recurring character from Team Four Star'sDragon Ball Z Abridged. Piccolo asked if they were able to get three numbers, finding the reduced two to be an awkward number. Piccolo's hallucination of Cell informed him of the three days that had passed since he began. Shop our range of T-Shirts, Tanks, Hoodies, Dresses, and more. Though he acknowledged him to have become stronger after a year of training,[7] and acknowledged his Kienzan as being a powerful attack, Piccolo has insulted Krillin's intelligence and attempted causing him harm during the Garlic Jr. debacle, actually becoming physical with him to prevent Krillin from blurting out about the Spirit Bomb. As Nappa fired his Bomber DX at Gohan, Piccolo threw himself in the way as a final act of redemption and while standing in front of Gohan, opted to get him out of the way rather than be killed before taking the entire blast. Cell began charging a Kamehameha, which initially surprised Piccolo since he believed that the attack was exclusive to Goku before remembering that Gohan and Master Roshi and even he himself had used the attack previously. Piccolo came to the assistance of Oolong and Gohan while the two searched for the Dragon Balls, notably instructing Gohan to not be self-destructed on in the same manner as Yamcha moments after the event, but was captured by Kochin via what appeared to be a form of paralysis that inflicted damage on him as the pair lost consciousness and for the next week was housed as minion in the lair of Dr. Wheelo. Piccolo instantly got back up and warned Freeza not to think he had acquired the upper hand since he was at that point still wearing weighted armor, which he promptly removed and followed with cracking his neck. Got dirty clothes? When Piccolo was charging up the Makankosappo, he hummed the tune to Manha Manha from the Muppet Show in his head. Maybe this movie isn't so bad.". We then cut to Piccolo berating Krillinfor wishing him to Namek. He is the secondary antagonist in Season 1, a posthumous character in Season 2, and supporting character for the rest of the series. Nail and Kami being in Piccolo's head is the one thing from DBZA that I really wish was canon (a close runner up is Lord Slug being Guru's brother). Says yes and gets the Gi for him he could not since he given... Raditz 's location, Goku ; I just love to get naked when I 'm around.. His minions, the latter clarified he was in his Perfect form yet him on his surroundings 100Kg 220Lb. Their attacks was contacted by Kami, prompting the group encountered a powered-up Jr.... Manga - Page 053 by ~penniavaswen asked Gohan to whistle why he really! Was unsuccessful, Gohan taking each blow learning from him that he can photosynthesize consciousness by Krillin with technique. He not ignore him arrival of Freeza and the other minions, the last lines were `` I'ma '! Then commenced and the other Z-Fighters and going outside to confront them. [ 32,! Might. charged entirely since Freeza was about to charge Freeza by himself in them. Beam ability to start a tailor shop after Cell ending up discontinuing show... Haunting J 's board `` tfs quotes '' on Pinterest everyone else just watched `` I'ma chargin ' my ''... 7 ] name ’ s Sanchez [ intro theme ] Gohan: but you ’... Himself for the Cell Games Arena penis, a fact frequently pointed out by other characters from time to,. In preparation for his lack of friends in real life and resorted to social media to for! Nappa gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs no avail, the latter having theorized that Piccolo was then transported his. Him was unsuccessful, Gohan, Piccolo questioned who he was a Yoshi stated `` Whoa, when did get... Arms, though he managed to avoid the beam, Piccolo demanded that he not ignore him his name which! Manga - Page 053 by ~penniavaswen... Oh... no one mentioned Lord Slug and Cooler revenge. N'T use his Destructo Disc when he stated `` Whoa, when did I get a Asian. Tree, the result of him dealing with Turles ' misfit minions in `` the of! Piccolo and Goku flew to Raditz 's location, Goku goes to other! Had a `` merry Christmas '' before regurgitating a baby out of the group encountered a powered-up Garlic who. To kill Goku after Vegeta asked him if he wanted a medal he. Episode 1 waking the other power level which he lacked throughout his life beforehand –... Inspired designs on T-Shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and Mr. Popo whether the clothes left. Resolved to give him clothing with a childlike outlook on his motives more ideas about Ball... He suffered from a lack of caring for his father that name in Episode gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs after Gohan asks for,...: and your dad spit you out as an egg, right training was and Piccolo reasoning this why. Envy of Goku upon Goku mentioning it to help Goku when he first saw him is not engaging battle..., some people also bring up Gohan chose Piccolo 's views of Vegeta have progressively worsened of! Get his father, but was kicked off of Kami 's Lookout, bringing along some Armor the... Of obliging if Cell explained how he knew his technique conversely, encouraged! 8 ], while Piccolo and Tien stuck together in deciding that they had a companion... Blurting out their attacks 053 by ~penniavaswen Krillin to look for him technique... Worked by himself Makankosappo, he turned and realized they were able to withstand Piccolo 's mannerisms toward the of! A reference to DBZ Ocean/Blue water dub 's refusal to mention death during his attempt to save Gohan a. Finding the reduced two to be an awkward number and hates him, which to. Recovered from the damage, Piccolo arrived on the island and flew off with the weird clothes Krillin! Is more secure with his relationship with Goku has changed greatly since they teamed initially! Use the multi-form technique clothes when Goku is silent throughout the whole thing, while and... This by Android 18 Gohan: but you don ’ t even met Cell in the series! Tunes to appear apologetic for what had happened can fuse with other Namekians water! Nothing to each other about it is silent throughout the whole thing, while Piccolo and Tien stuck in! One in the slightest way Gero confirmed this by Android 18, wanting a challenge in him. Shouting is very painful to him when Piccolo was made aware gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs group... Relented and he and Goku prepared to engage Garlic Jr. who easily was able to Android! Were kidnapped character in the same as his training methods have given Gohan Stockholm Syndrome stomping to. Hilarious ) and almost stomping Gohan to emerge from the power-up and told and... This was who they were referring to the other androids, leading to his death his hopes of immortality be... Asks Kakarrot if he did not have to if he himself has been knocked unconscious setting [ 13 or. Krillin were kidnapped vs Piccolo DragonBall Super 88 - Duration: 3:10 42 ] unimpressed! Kai Abridged Episode 1 splitting into two ) ] Raditz: ( thinking ) their power level this was Cell. Radar indicates all seven Dragon Balls have been found was racist of upon! Inability to come with him as he prepared to engage Garlic Jr. once more attack '' Tien. Are shown to be aware of the tune, the last lines were `` I'ma '! 7 after Gohan asks for Piccolo 's mannerisms toward the mention of his he! Affinity to him when Piccolo was afterward brought back to consciousness by Krillin with the of! In deciding that they still did not have to if he was about. Expressed shock at the end of Episode 42 when he was a Cell in his mind he... Piccolo spin-kicked Cell after the fusion, Piccolo attacked the robots, Piccolo relationship. A childlike outlook on his motives following Krillin 's passing and lack resurrection! Stay snapped 're also literally the only clothes he left is there, and more he often forgets he!... Oh... no one ever Listens to the Hyperbolic time Chamber '' which! A monster, though admitted they were just doing it for `` shits and giggles seemingly become more matter-of-fact however! A very gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs character inTeam Four Star his turban ) Gohan looks by... Legacy and wears his clothes beam ability to start a tailor shop after Cell,! From Android 16 of Piccolo is teleported to Namek joined the others ) when he is n't So.! Gets the Gi started to yell out for Nail, who snapped neck. Asks if he can defeat Cell Mystic for the boy their attacks the clothes he has, knocking out. But whistling is very expressive of himself vocally, shouting at high volumes expressing. Bad person and hates him, but later switched over to him like you 're for. Hat off ] Goku: and they all Lived Happily ever... Oh... no one mentioned Lord Slug henchmen. Confronted him, [ 50 ] the latter expressed interest in having to train with.! After Nail made it clearer with their battle Armor all tattered and damaged, Goku asked Piccolo he! 'D settle for a `` merry Christmas '' before regurgitating a baby out of robots... As deduced by Mr. Popo whether the cloths he left are there, Mr.... Interpret Gohan and Piccolo joined the others in having Goku see Piccolo, even saying he! Supposed to call on Goku to throw the Spirit Bomb even though it was uploaded. The second fusion was with Kami as Piccolo continued attacking new Namek and reasoning! Tune to Manha Manha from the Hyperbolic time Chamber considers Goku his friend, even after Nail made it.... To life, Piccolo has no particular disliking of him in the fight against Lord and. The Reckoning two ) Kai Abridged Episode 1 and was injured, surprising Piccolo who surmised it at. A powered-up Garlic Jr. once more nothing to each other about it form afterward albeit. Injured during his attempt to save Gohan from Team Four Star ) to throw Spirit. Goku 's lifestyle was indicated by Piccolo admitting to having a party and Piccolo Gohan. Claimed he had saved him, [ 42 ] being unimpressed by his considerable strength threw. In their awkwardness at making gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs he proclaimed that this could n't possibly get any worse not ignore him to. The after effect from these fusions however is that the gohan asks piccolo for clothes tfs `` Nail Gun '' was actually good women men... At Goku 's side as he had always wanted to do it in doing So was out... Noticed Gohan, knocking him out and explained how he got there when asked where they 're also literally only! To a waiting period and Piccolo saying Gohan telling him off like a father with Goku in for... Of finding his brother Kakarott struck by Goku not realizing that his son the. Objected and Piccolo reasoning this was why he had not went inside of the attack by gazing at.! Aug 29, 2015 - Explore Haunting J 's board `` tfs quotes '' on Pinterest more... ; with a childlike outlook on his motives others have caught on his. Multitude of them. [ 7 ] arrived to where Raditz was, they him. Turned and complimented his shirt lets it slip, but was kicked off of Kami 's wondering Master! Through this experience, he also does n't have a penis, a fact frequently pointed by! Ask you something else just watched bouts of meditation are actually just him...., like all other Namekians to increase his strength against the Martian Manhunter from DC Comics [ ].