thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! Craft Paint 101: My Top Tips for Using Acrylic Paint - Mod … I wish I could find a great use for those. It’s a durable, flexible silicone lid that fits tight on your large paint cans. I totally disagree about the coffee containers being a better solution. Induction sealing is a simple way for you to achieve a tamper-evident product, deter leakage, promote freshness, and add value to your product line with the use of induction liners. A nice break from the heat! Alkyd primer-sealer is more effective at sealing porous surfaces like knots or end grain wood surfaces, especially if you are applying the paint layer to a heavily touched, bumped or used surface. By accessing this site you agree to the following: They stack neatly on my storage shelves with no debris inside each jar & the color easily visible, Julie @ follow your heart woodworking says. The testing procedure is performed in an extremely standardized manner to test the applications of caps or lids of glass and bottle containers. I generally fill with water, shake, empty,  repeat several times. ps – helps to write store name and room you used the color in, if close to other colors used in the house. Have you ever opened a paint can only to find the top had become rusty? If you feel like it’s not worthy, use it as a primer on upcoming projects. Thank goodness I Googled my rusty can problem and found this,but how did you get the spout off!? Take it from a professional, do not try this. I know very little about oil based paints, and had no idea you couldn’t use a plastic paint tray with them. I have identified the color on this one as well. Awesome idea….I tried the plastic coffee containers but I guess the lid does not seal tight enough when it snaps on … that did not work well. We’re available to buy on Do you have a great tip for storing paint? Do what your grandfather did, put the paint in the pickle jar. Cover your work surface with newspaper, then set the bottle on top. That works for me for now. Thanks for sharing. (minwax spray polyurethane from wallmart dries hard as a rock). I shake the jug, pour out what I want to use in a paint cup and I’m good to go! You, not me. King holds a Bachelor of Arts in communications from Southwestern Adventist College. The bare-bones essentials for acrylic painting include a palette, a palette knife for blending, brushes that are marked as approved for acrylic paint, a canvas (Griffin says that a gesso-primed canvas or wood panel is best), a rag or paper towels, and then soap and water for … Binds chemically and physically to metals, wood, asbestos which makes it acceptable to contractors and … Can you imagine if the coffee jug fell off the 3 ft shelf? Some one-coat sealers are designed to be applied in one pass. Thank you Chris! Thanks so much Barbara! I have a couple of old rusty paint cans in the garage right now. Many people use mason jars, but I know that would be disastrous in my garage. Special mesh for paint straining…couldn’t find any, but I use old pantyhose or tights that are the foot and leg cut off and it works great. Nice idea. I have been using Maxwell House coffee containers with your plastic down which I get from either Sam’s Club or Costco sugar about a gallon the lids do not rush the page does not go bad I do cut the labels off and put it take one to the outside of the containers so you know what you have we’re ready to go when pain at a later date with no rust, Use bigger empty plastic bottles of water. Still a lot better than not having any paint at all when you need it. I would never use a bleach jug to store paint. I just throw them into the recycling bin. Various manufacturers create special blends that differ for drywall or plaster than for hardwood or veneer surfaces. Furthermore, plastic is not a green solution either. A trip to your local stationary store will get you all of the supplies you need to complete this task. (They didn’t) This is brilliant, Gail. Talk to your paint store representative about what type works best for your application. This is a decent amateur solution, but the pros would use an old pickle jar, jelly jar, etc. Also, Sherwin Williams sells plastic paint cans with many of their high ends paints now. I’d add one thing, a sample colour swatch somewhere, either on the lid or taped to the side. You can pick them up at your local hardware store or on Amazon– 1 Gallon Elastic Opening Strainer Bags 6 Pieces All content on this site is the intellectual property of My Repurposed Life, not to be copied without my written consent. I actually have those, but mine are too large. Choose an acrylic water-based latex or alkyd alcohol-based primer-sealer and latex paint suitable for the surface you are painting. You have a few choices on how to deal with it. I love the texture in this paint. With the ERA jug, you can even see the amount of paint as well as the color of paint in the little window. This particular can was inherited by me. A very thick sealant used as a water and rust resistant protective paint for zinc, asbestos, tile, wood or cement surfaces and roofs, with an attractive finish. But I won’t. Acrylic paint is NOT durrable AT ALL. Use a plastic funnel to fill them. To learn more about CafeMedia’s data usage, click here: After I poured the paint into the jug, I replaced the pour spout to make it easy to pour paint the next time I use it. i think my Dad does the same thing. Other than sealing the paint, you could try buying some paint specifically for this. I only use water based paints. Tips & Tricks for Successful Induction Sealing. Just dry them out, fill them up, cap them, write on the plastic bottle the drying time, manufacturer and code of paint.. Interesting idea, but not practical for someone who paints regularly. thanks for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment! Welcome To My Repurposed Life Home of Repurposed Furniture. The paint doesn’t settle to the bottom as bad and the lack of air at the top keeps it from rusting. Have you tried just storing your paint can upside down. Absolutely brilliant! You should be able to find a lot of these supplies at a local craft store or department store. The plastic coffee containers, particularly those with handles, are VERY handy for using to pour paint into when painting. Much easier than dragging a gallon can around up and down ladders. I JUST LOVE YOUR PAGE..I LOVE TO SEE WHAT YOU HAVE DONE AND ALL THE GREAT TIPS YOU HAVE…, I don’t have any great ideas for storing paint but just wanted to say…..Wow what a great idea and yes I am a paint hoarder as well. ROOF PAINT. Have a good day…it is cool here this morning. 🙂 I appreciate your kind comment!! I have been buying the pods for my laundry detergent, and I bet those containers would work as well. Glass versus plastic. I was not the one that let it get in such bad shape. It is likely you will need to clean and treat the surface before you apply the paint. I have a couple of mesh paint strainers. So, if you have a surplus of laundry detergent jugs and are a paint hoarder like I am, you’ve got it made! You can see toward the end of the can, the paint is rather goopy, but because I used the strainer, I know there are no clumps in the jug. You can add burlap, twine, flowers, more paint to the outside of the bottle, chalk paint or whatever other creative things you can think of to your wine bottle. If the surface is furniture, cabinetry or some other fine surface, sand the paint lightly with fine steel wool between coats, but not the final coat. Yay! 🙂. Thanks, now to find some detergent jugs, they take so long to use up! My ERA bottles have a little “window” that allows me to see the color and the amount of paint. They’re translucent, but you can see the amount and color through them, and they are usually square, so will line up neatly on your shelf. His book, "Going for the Green: An Insider's Guide to Raising Money With Charity Golf," was published in 2008. Use basic craft supplies and simple techniques to adorn the metal with colorful patterns, a monogram or themed designs to suit the … It certainly makes it easier to pour! If you’re painting walls, you may want to buy some new paint. But their lids are difficult for these old hands to open! Hold the can several inches/centimeters away from the bottle. Many people use mason jars, but I can’t keep glass jars in my garage! Cool surface and item to paint on. Another trick I learned is to just wipe a smigen of petroleum jelly on the edge when I open the can. You can even leave the bottle as-is to add some color to you home. Please seek the assistance of a professional if you have any queries before undertaking your DIY task. If your cap is leaking, take a look at the O-ring (the black rubber ring on the inside of the cap lid) to make sure it isn’t twisted or broken. Your idea is better, because the neck is bigger. It’s helpful for others who stop by later. We just introduced a product called Cansealid that solves the exact frustrations you’re all having. Clean and prepare the surface as suggested on the directions for your primer-sealer product. 🙂. Has paint color, manufacturer, should you need more. You can see that the spout sort of makes it difficult for the paint to get in the jug. Do you store only water-based paints in plastic containers? TIP: You must rinse out all of the remaining detergent. To ensure a lasting finish, roughen the bottle using the proper materials and techniques. Follow directions and be sure you don't miss a spot since you only have one shot at covering the entire surface. Blessings, fellow painters!! You would have to seal it with spray-polyurethane. Writer Bio. 2. Check the seal on the cap by filling the reservoir with water, screwing the cap on tightly, and rotating/squishing the reservoir to make sure nothing leaks. Your email address will not be published. I hate to waste any paint at all! I just opened a gallon of white semi gloss and the can was rusted. They also make pretty good birdhouses as the lid snaps off for easy cleaning out old nests. Yeah, I don’t like to store my 2 paint cans upside down. You can paint a water bottle if it is properly conditioned for adhesion. Copyright 2020 Leaf Group Ltd. / Leaf Group Media, All Rights Reserved. Sometimes if it’s stubborn to go on I’ll use a flathead screwdriver in the crevass of the lid and hammer on that. Seals hairline cracks and small holes while painting. The owner of this site cannot be held liable for damage, by following the instructions laid out within this site or on any of the sites linked to this site. A good water-resistant latex acrylic or alkyd primer-sealer effectively seals water-based latex paints and can add years to the life of any paint job and helps preserve whatever you paint against water damage. If you’re trying to save the paint for projects, I would strain it and not worry about it. I end up with old cans of paint given to me all the time. . Choose matt, semigloss, gloss or high gloss depending on where you want to use it, whether it needs to be scrubbable, easy to repair, longer lasting or resistant to chemicals, oils or weather. I didn’t strain this can of paint because it was a brand new gallon of paint. And oh the spouts, just made my life so much easier!! Read More, Sign up via email to get new projects and my FREE eBook, 30 DIY Tips & Tidbits You Should Know. Thanks. Some were almost brand new inside, but had been left out in the rain for a season or two, so it was worth it to me to rescue them. The information provided on this site is of a general nature and may not be applicable to your particular circumstances. thanks for stopping by My Repurposed Life and taking the time to leave a comment. Got here after looking on how to store paint. Great idea! Check the painted area for missed spots after it has had time to cure. Tape edges and fixtures you don't want painted with masking tape and trim with the box cutters to get a clean edge. There are at least three kinds of Sharpies (felt tip pens). Thanks bunches!! I’m obsessed with finding potential in unexpected places and believe that with a little hard work and imagination, any old thing can be made useful again—myself included! They seem to multiply! However, if you can't find them in your area you should be able to order … Wow…this is nothing short of brilliant!! We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. 🙂. I love pouring my paint and replacing the cap. Unless it goes bad, I just can’t throw paint away either. To seal your jars with wax, you'll need a ceramic wax sealer dish, filament tape, scissors, a tea candle, a kitchen lighter, and bottle sealing wax. Great tip Gail! Yikes, that’s an accident waiting to happen. If you prefer using a lightweight, taste-neutral, metal water bottle rather than disposable plastic bottles, identify and personalize the container to make it as decorative as it is functional. Would be handy if paint companies just put it in jugs in the first place! Transfer your paint as the gallon is new, dont wait till its rusted. So happy you found this life hack helpful! I hate the rusty bits that form on the can too. Secure Seal test is one of the major quality checks which is performed in the testing laboratories of PET and Preform industries to ensure the leak integrity properties of PET bottle caps. Enercon's Super Seal Jr. provides a convenient and ideal way for induction sealing. I hope you’ll enjoy the journey and pick up a few tools along the way… literally! 🙂. Glass surfaces painted with FolkArt Enamels or one of Plaid's multi-surface acrylic paints (Apple Barrel Multi-Surface, Delta Ceramcoat Select, FolkArt Multi-Surface, or Martha Stewart Multi-Surface) must be cured prior to use, either through baking and air-drying. what a mess! Oh so easy! Lindsay. Spray or brush two to three thin coats of primer to the surface to be painted. If you are prepping bare wood, you will need to treat any knots in the wood surface with an alkyd sealer. Spray or brush at least two coats of latex/acrylic water-based paint over the primed surface. Patricia. Both Maxwellhouse & Folgers have this style; the large opening is great for mixing; Last year when looking for paint, noticed Dutch Boy brand had plastic cans. I bought a case of 24 quart canning mason jars for $8. I still love this idea. Thank you for this great money saving tip! Then I hammer it on with a rubber mallet (don’t use a metal hammer, that’s great way to dent the edges of your can). A better solution than detergent jugs , which someone has also mentioned below, is the large size plastic coffee containers; they have large openings, snap on plastic lids, they never rust, and best of all they have molded in grip like handles!! Dutch Boy is the only one I know of that does have plastic jugs. or is my paint ruined? But those jugs are awesome for lots of stuff. Wish you were next door; I recycled several detergent containers last week. Awesome save Margaret! I’m happy to share any and all pieces of advice and tidbits. Many gallons today are made in Chi… they rust quicly as they lack anti rust treatment Brilliant! I used a marker to identify the brand, type, and color of paint. I’ve had some in one of my jugs for over 2 years, and I simply shake it after it’s set for a while. The opening on a detergent can is far too small to mix. you might consider a clear lacquer coat and allow it to completely dry before painting the water bottle. I’ve found that it’s better to stir it up, and carefully transfer it into a detergent jug for safe keeping. Well now…that makes me want to purchase laundry soap… Mildewcides in the primer will not only kill mildew, but also help prevent its formation on walls for years. d. Yes, I have been known to store them upside down, but not 100% of the time. Filed Under: DIY, Painting, Tips for Around the House Tagged With: 2013, diy tips, painting. Learn how your comment data is processed. Ask a friend who has cats to save those big clear litter bottles for you. I’m asking my friends to start saving me their laundry containers. That photo is NOT of paint jugs, it’s in my laundry room showing all the detergent jugs I had on hand. Clean and prepare the surface as suggested on the directions for your primer-sealer product. Taking the time to be clean now can certainly be of great benefit for future use of things. Materials Needed & the Best Acrylic Paint Brands. Thanks for your suggestion! Paint the bottle using a white, glossy spray paint. A good primer not only seals the surface to be painted, but also prepares it for the application of the paint, improving adhesion and helping prevent bleed through of old colours or dark spots on the original surface.

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